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Management Team

Chief Executive Officer

waqas ahmed malik

Waqas is the CEO and founder of Matrix HR Services (Pvt) Ltd.

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Our mission

Our mission is to be a world leader in matching demand for and supply of Human Resource, HR services and solutions. In doing so, we continue to apply our founding ethos: “to know, to serve, to trust.” We believe in the value of work as a unifying force that shapes society for the better.

our vision

To Be…..
the leading HR solutions provider through creating, maintaining and improving value of our clientele.

Experience and Professionals (Services)

We believe that creating the best solutions in HR services means always doing more and going further. We need to understand the present and future needs of our clients and candidates. The better we know our clients and candidates, the better we can match their needs and exceed their expectations. Matrix HR is known for its firm and consistent values (to know, serve and trust) , which we summarize through our philosophy „good to know you‟.